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Pioneering Your way to Freedom
with John Milandred

Homesteading and Free.

Educating and teaching human beings the forgotten/lost art of basic human survival. Teaching humans from all walks of life how to grow and preserve their own nutritious food. Teaching about water survival, making sure the water you are drinking is safe clean water, the most important element to humans, water!

The forgotten/lost art of basic human survival. How did our grandparents, great grandparents, and ancestors survive without all the modern conveniences available to us today?

Often when people think about a survivalist, they envision someone who is trained in the outdoors and can survive off the land but a survivalist also
stockpiles food and possibly weapons to prepare for a disaster and the future unknown. Our ancestors were in reality survivalists.

This was because they were
self-sufficient, were responsible for one’s own self and family, protection, health, and sustenance as well as shelter.

This is what our ancestors knew and lived every day. They were prepared for what life brings through planning, learning, and preparing for any possible future.


Pioneering Your Way To Freedom 3/26/17 with John Milandred. Talking about survival, network news, homesteading, country, and The five weeks on saving on food bills.​
Host John Milandred with network news and info, Homesteading news, and food budget. 3/19/2017
PPioneering Your Way To Freedom 4/09/17 with John Milandred. Show 3 of 4 on foods.

The Above is John's Shows on Food Saving Series! 2017

Show On Hold Deployed To Middle East! Untill 2019

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