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The house of “B”
with B.C. Lauer

     B.C. Lauer is a husband and father foremost. He is a returning independent author, writing theThe Liberty Chronicles series. A former Cardiac Telemetry Technician and a veteran. He served four years of active duty service in the Air Force and an additional ten years in the Air National Guard. He currently resides with his wife, two children and their assortment of critters on their hobby farm in central Kentucky.

     Join BC Lauer to catch readings from his book, updates on current events and discussions about his farm. The House of B show looks at things from the same standpoint of his books.

The author of the Liberty Chronicles, you might find him with his family, cows or eagerly writing his next book.

Contact your host:

On Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/brian.lauer.37
        Twitter:        @AuthorBCLauer

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