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Journey Back to the Land with Tom Bass

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Sundays @ 8pm

A little about Tom he started out as a Boy Scout learning how to camp as a young child made it almost all the way to Eagle Scout before quitting due to work commitments. An avid camper and fisherman all his life studied all aspects of survival skills, plants, their origins how they are harvested. Including what parts of them to use for what ailment or food. Was a member of the Future Farmers of America in high school and worked on a vegetable farm through the teenage years the using the skills  learned that have worked  and has tweaked them a bit to make them more user-friendly easier to understand easier to build.

Content  for the show will be about looking for land, what's the most important, when and how much time you need to get animals. Shelter, gardening, making alcohol for bartering for sale. If you want just a drink or to use it as an antiseptic. Survival tips, building traps, fire, or canning. All aspects of Off the grid living, survival, using the natural plants for health and food. Artisans of old world crafts. Things like building an iron forge for your metal building, wind generator, building a wood gasifier,  a blast furnace for glass blowing, and other interesting topics will be discussed.

Along with other aspects like dealing with the new neighbors realizing that most Homestead Properties are in the Bible Belt when they respect the others there near you.

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